Fukbox – The simplest coolest homemade fucking machine


To kick off this blog we will review FukBox, a sexy portable homemade fucking machine built out of a metal toolbox and some everyday parts.
Fukbox is a very dear HMFM (stands for: Home Made Fucking Machine) to me simply because I created it myself. So yes, I am totally bias towards it, but oh well, let this self-indulging post be an inspiration to other HMFM builders to share their contraptions with me.

What makes FukBox so especial is the fact that despite that is built entirely out of easy to find parts, it still looks and performs like professional fucking machines.
My goal when building Fukbox was to build the cheapest, most good looking, versatile, portable fucking machine possible in the less amount of time.
So there was the challenge. In fact, here are all the parameters of my HMFM project:

  • One month in the afternoons to complete the whole project
  • Use only parts I could find for free (unless finding them would delay the one month deadline)
  • Use the least amount possible of parts
  • Make it as beautiful, small, and portable as possible (with the choice of parts found)
  • It had to have, variable speed, variable penetration, main shaft length variation, and be house outlet powered
  • It had to work! By this I mean, have enough power and durability to actually fuck a real world pussy for a least 30mins straight.

To my delight, I met all those goals and the FukBox was born. I was so proud of the final result I couldn’t wait to show it to all my friends.
We even had a FukBox completion party. Friends having wine while the FukBox stood in the center of the living room on top of a stool where anyone could operate it and test it.
Unfortunately, no one tested it all the way, although part of the feminine sector seemed to be quite interested in borrowing it.

Here are some of the specs for this mechanical loving beast:

  • Variable speed control (from 60 to 200 strokes per minute)
  • Adjustable stroke penetration (up to 7 inches)
  • Interchangeable dildo shafts
  • Home outlet powered

Here is the first promotional video I did for FukBox. Shot on top of my desk (had to move all my junk away) and edited all in one day including sound and voice over. enjoy!

Learn how to build your own Homemade Fucking Machine for only $19.99!

Are you are al man? Real men build their own stuff whether is a new shed for the tools or a home made fucking machine to pleasure their girlfriends or wives.

If you are a real man and have a couple of every day tools you will love to build your own FukBox in just a free few evenings.

Just go to http://fukbox.com to get your PDF easy to follow step-by-step instructions and own the sexiest portable homemade sex machine today!

Building is creating, creating is love.. make love not war, build Fukbox not cheap stuff made in China!

How to Score a Goal with a Fucking Machine

First you need to get a fucking machine. In this video they are using FukBox.
Second, you need a lot of practice because the latex cock has trouble aiming at the soccer ball.
Third, you score, take your shirt and pants off and celebrate the victory!

I am sure Pujol became even a greater sex machine after scoring the goal that put Spain in the 2010 World Cup finals.

How to work out and get fucked at the same time with Bedcycle

Bedcycle is based on a bicycle chain mechanism. Person lying on a bed and turns pedals. Chain mechanism equipped with stroking device produce fucking motions of dildo.
The Bedcycle frame is mounted on the fiberboard plate (base) to prevent overturning of device, by legs force. Users body is lying on this plate, ensuring stability of Bedcycle device (any soft pillows or “carpet” may cover the base plate for body comfort).
Bedcycle allows to combine cycling exercises (legs training) with fucking action, lying on a bed. (Nice for morning exercises to keep body in form and cheer up.)
The pedals height is just convenient for legs cycling exercises.
Bedcycle may be used in bed or on a floor (add some pillows for comfort).
The stroke may be adjusted from 2″ to 6.5″ (5 cm – 16 cm) by changing the position of cranckshaft on a disc.
“Intensity” is limited by cycling speed. The usual cycling tempo allows appr.~ 80-150 RPM (dildo strokes per minute).
Dildo stroking frequency is approximately 3 times higher than the legs (pedals) turning speed.
Vac-U-Lock attachment equipped. All Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos and vibrators are acceptable, easy to mount. (Dildo is not included!)

General information

  • Overall dimensions : (length x height x width) = ~20″ x 17″ x 16″ (50cm x 42cm x 40cm).
  • Dimensions, mounted on a fiberboard plate (base) : ~ 45″ x 17″ x 16″ (120cm x 42cm x 40cm).
  • Weight : ~14 pounds (6.5 kg).
  • Stroke: 2″ to 6.5″ (5 cm – 16 cm) adjustable.
  • Frequency: approx.~ 80-150 RPM (dildo strokes per minute) – at “normal” ride tempo.
  • Power source: legs motions (manually actuated).

For more information about fucking machines please visit www.MotorFun.biz.

(Source: www.sextoytesters.co.uk)


Female robot doesn’t want to lick her master’s foot


In this video, Le Trung, tests Aiko’s impressive visual and speech recognition skills through a series of tests.
Aiko is a female robot, also referred to as fembot. Her creator, Le Trung, designed and built it all by himself and was able to program some incredible artificial intelligence behavior into it.

Trung has quite a sense of humor. Towards the end of the video he starts to make some perverted requests to Aiko and she (or just the talking head) is not very happy about those advances. It seems Trung has his deal of experience with female rejection, to the point he decided to spend half of his live building a female replica, only to be rejected by it too! how depressing.

From Le Trung’s website:

Why did you decide to build Aiko?

A Young Boy’s Dream… It actually starts back in the 70s during my childhood where I spent a lot of time watching Japanese anime which often featured robot themes. I remember saying to myself as a child, “I will build one of those when I grow up.” Throughout my life, I have built many prototypes and smaller robots. However, the greatest motivation came after watching “Chobits.” That was when I decided I had to build a life size gynoid. It was August 15, 2007. And I knew that all I needed to build it was a little inspiration and passion.

What can Aiko do?

There are many applications for an gynoid robot such as Aiko. Aiko can be used in the home environment for companionship or simply cleaning, business offices as reception and assistance or even in International Airports. With proper funding a dream can become reality.

For more information about this project visit www.projectaiko.com

How to build a male sex toy

How to make a dildo with wax


In this video we can see the most unorthodox system to build a dildo for a friend.
Basically, melting a bunch of wax into a condom as the mold and a chopstick to hold the finished product like a lollipop.
I see several shortcomings with this dildo manufacturing approach.
First, wax is not flexible and breaks easily. Second, it can melt in the heat so is not good if you are trekking through the Sahara and need some homemade wax loving.
What if the dildo receiver gets to horny, will the wax cock melt in her pussy?
Will it stick to the vaginal walls and render your crotch unsuitable for intercourse?

I think the best thing you can do with wax are candles, How about using the wax cock as a candle for your friend’s next birthday party?

How to make a homemade dildo

Lego Fucking Machine


This looks more like a missily launcher than a fucking machine. I am sure there is a place for in the small pet market. Yikes!

Two Ugly yet popular Homemade sex machines


Lurking in YouTube one can find videos of all kinds of interesting homemade sex machines. Some of them are just plain ugly and I dare to say scary.
However, in their ugliness one can find endearing traits, after all, they are true HMFM candidates and they too reserve some respect.
Here at the HMFM Blog we don’t discriminate fucking machines. If your fucking machine is ugly, clunky, rusty, noisy or just plain useless there is a place for them on the Internet (besides a place in the dumpster of course).
Not as pretty as some other home built sex machines I have seen (such as FukBox, of course), but still worthy of some love.

Here is the top result in YouTube for the search “homemade sex machine” with a whopping 104,000 views in one year:

And here is another hilarious one with over 145,000 views:

Wow! would you fuck that thing? it sure can go fast, but it is missing a connecting rod. the fucking shaft is directly attached to the flywheel which makes the cock to oscillate up and down. This motion would surely stir up your insides. I bet it would help with constipation. Oh yeah! let the crap fly out of your a-hole like there is no tomorrow.
I love the fact that he has set up a spring under the sliding bearing to absorb the insane vibration.

Welcome to the Homemade Fucking Machine Blog


Welcome to the Homemade Fucking Machine Blog where we will be discussing all about homemade pleasure devices, with reviews, pictures, videos, and even instructions on how to build your own.

Here at HMFM we intend to build a portal to revering the unique conjunction of innovation and sex which fucking machines are. All things related to the world of amateur mechanically induced pleasure will be portrayed, analyzed and explored.

There are tons of sites dedicated to the market of pre-built fucking machines. Popular sites such as fuckingmachines.com have been delighting us for years with hundreds of high quality videos and pictures of gorgeous women being drilled to exorbitant climax by the most intricate mechanical contraptions one could ever imagine.
However, the reality is that the majority of fucking machine fans don’t have the budget to build or buy these incredible sophisticated machines. Therefore, many of us decided to build our own contraptions with whatever parts and tools we had at our reach.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of amateur fucking machine builders out there and the HFSM Blog strives to provide them all with a singular destination where to share the works of art.

We will be collecting pictures and videos of as many home made fucking machines as we possibly can with our limited resources. But really, it is up to you, our dear readers and subscribers to submit to us links to homemade sex machines.

And please, if you have built your own fucking machine let us know, send us some photos, specs, videos, etc. and we will post them here for the world to admire, rate, and comment on.

To submit your links, pics, videos please send us an email to info@homemadefuckingmachine.com. and we will do our best to post your submission as soon as possible.

And to start the blog, what better than a the most popular instructional video on how to build your own homemade sex toys from the sweet Justin Sane (shouldn’t be Insane?)… enjoy!