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Fukbox – The simplest coolest homemade fucking machine


To kick off this blog we will review FukBox, a sexy portable homemade fucking machine built out of a metal toolbox and some everyday parts. Fukbox is a very dear HMFM (stands for: Home Made Fucking Machine) to me simply because I created it myself. So yes, I am totally bias towards it, but oh […]

How to Score a Goal with a Fucking Machine

First you need to get a fucking machine. In this video they are using FukBox. Second, you need a lot of practice because the latex cock has trouble aiming at the soccer ball. Third, you score, take your shirt and pants off and celebrate the victory! I am sure Pujol became even a greater sex […]

Female robot doesn’t want to lick her master’s foot


In this video, Le Trung, tests Aiko’s impressive visual and speech recognition skills through a series of tests. Aiko is a female robot, also referred to as fembot. Her creator, Le Trung, designed and built it all by himself and was able to program some incredible artificial intelligence behavior into it. Trung has quite a […]

How to build a male sex toy

How to make a dildo with wax


In this video we can see the most unorthodox system to build a dildo for a friend. Basically, melting a bunch of wax into a condom as the mold and a chopstick to hold the finished product like a lollipop. I see several shortcomings with this dildo manufacturing approach. First, wax is not flexible and […]

How to make a homemade dildo

Lego Fucking Machine


This looks more like a missily launcher than a fucking machine. I am sure there is a place for in the small pet market. Yikes!

Two Ugly yet popular Homemade sex machines


Lurking in YouTube one can find videos of all kinds of interesting homemade sex machines. Some of them are just plain ugly and I dare to say scary. However, in their ugliness one can find endearing traits, after all, they are true HMFM candidates and they too reserve some respect. Here at the HMFM Blog […]